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  Product Query
  Max Amsure SRB
  Is partial withdrawal available for all funds?
  What is the maximum limit of the fund value which is available for partial withdrawal?
  Is this charge applicable for withdrawals in the entire policy term i.e either 15or 20 yrs?
  There is a three-year lock in for each top up individually. After the lock in period can we withdraw from the top up fund value? If yes what are the charges applicable on withdrawals from top ups?
  Are the mortality charges applicable to juvenile lives up to age 11 as there is no insurance cover till that age? If yes , why?
  What is the max limit of PAB rider available in SRB? If a person already has this rider ,how would the policy be treated then?
  What is the premium allocation charge in SRB?
  Can i make partial withdrawals from the basic premium fund value and the Top up fund value even if i have stopped paying my premiums after paying 6 annual premiums?
  What is the return which i will get incase i die within 10 years of my policy run.. ie.. do i get the fund value or the sum assured.. suppose i have more of the sum assured or the fund value. Which is the return to be provided to the customer?
  what is the maximum amount of charges which can be levied in this policy.. does the 20% include all the charges or are there any additional charges which are levied.. ?Are the charges same or differ after the 1st year?
  If i invest 100 % in growth fund.. 70% max goes to equity .. where is this money invested? Is it growth stocks, level stocks, contra stocks or is it simply fund manager discretion.. Is it transparent to the customer or not.. how is the customer expected to see the returns?
  What is premium holiday? Do we have any premium holiday in our plan? In case yes, how does it work for our plan?
  How does the policy behave when settlement option on maturity is chosen? The policy can continue max up to 5 yrs without life cover subject to all the charges except mortality. But is it possible for a person to periodically cancel units at unit price during these 5 yrs as per his requirement or is he supposed to wait for 5 yrs. What is the purpose of this option? How would it benefit a customer?
  What is the death benefit in case of increasing sum assured option?
  In case of increasing sum assured option can the money be allocated in any of the four funds? What is the minimum percentage allocation in each fund?
  If a person pays premium for 3 yrs and then does not pay for next 2 yrs. How would the policy run after that?
  How are the Administration charges deducted in Max Amsure SRB?
  When can a person make partial withdrawal? Are there any charges applicable on withdrawal?
  Can a proposer make partial withdrawal if the Life assured is a minor? What is the minimum age to make a partial withdrawal?
  I am interested in pursuing a career with AMSURE? What kind of work environment does AMSURE offer?
  How do I apply for a career at Amsure?
  Customer Service
  What is life insurance?
  What is the importance of Life Insurance?
  What steps do I take in case of an address/ beneficiary change?
  Can I add/ delete riders?
  Do you offer any services over the telephone?
  Can the premium payment get collected from my house ?
  What are the location options for paying my premiums?